[Gift] Flying with Dad

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[Gift] Flying with Dad
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In Winter Art Exchange 2022 ・ By Shrike

Gale gets a ride from one of her dads! My giftee for the exchange was Mew, I hope you like it!

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4sparkles Avatar

whadda heck. cutest damned thing. lookit baby gale ;w; too adorable

2022-03-01 18:25:59

Pooka Avatar

Gale is so EFFING cute; what the heck! ;o; She cling, but also have some toe beans showing for maximum adorableness... My heart...

2022-03-01 13:06:53

mewhaku Avatar
mewhaku she/her

WHAT SHRIKE like oh my god ;_;

2022-03-01 06:37:09

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