Design Update Tutorial

Created: 13 August 2020, 10:00:04 CDT
Last updated: 20 October 2020, 18:54:28 CDT

Welcome to the Puppillars Design Update Guide


General Design Update Rules
  1. All Characters must be on the Masterlist before they can have a design update applied to them
    1. You may include multiple changes in one submission, as long as all the items and fee(s) are accounted for
  2. All upgrades or updates must have the appropriate items or currency attached to the submission in order to be approved
  3. For all design updates, the new design must still be recognizable as derivative of the original design.
    1. There is no set requirement as of now, but this can be subject to change if we need to
  4. All new masterlist art must be properly credited. You may do the art yourself, commission an Official Artist, or commission the art from someone else.


Design update costs
  • Changes to traits have no additional cost, but require the corresponding item for the change
    • Adding Accessories costs One Accessory Slot per accessory
    • Adding on Special Traits costs One Special Potion to add as many Special Traits as you want, but you must have the correct potion for the traits
      • Two Special traits families may be added, but you need both potions
      • The Potion(s) used will only apply to the design changed they are used on. If you wish to change the design again, you will need another Potion to change any Special Traits
    • Adding on Magic Traits costs One Magic Potion (Mini or Major depedning on the requested ability) per trait (with the exception of adding Magic to Super Rare/Legendary Puppillars who don't have magic assigned yet)
    • Upgrading One Trait to a higher rarity level costs one Upgrade Ticket per trait being changed
    • All other changes cost a flat fee of 100 treats for all changes (subject to change for more major changes)
      • This includes downgrading a trait to a lower rarity, changing out traits within the same rarity, or changing non-trait related things such as colors/patterns


How to submit a Design update
  1. To start the MYO process, head over to "My Characters" and select the character you wish to submit an update for. On the left side bar, select "Update Design" to begin your draft!
  2. Work on your draft! There are Four Sections for you to complete, each section must be saved before you can submit your request, even if there is nothing for the section, you must still save it so you can submit.
    1. Comments - These are optional, but if there is anything you think the staff should know, it goes here. You can use this section to write out what you are using your add-ons for, if applicable
      1. Comments are also where you can add extra images, such as Alternate Forms for Legendary Puppillars, or Images with/without accessories. For these, please clearly state what the image is and link to the image in the comment area!
    2. Masterlist Image - Upload the main image for your MYO here, and fill in designer and artist credit. (for any additional images, see above!)
    3. Add-ons -  Select any add-on items for your design from your inventory or bank
    4. Traits - Select the Species type and Rarity, and then add in your Puppillar's traits
  3. Once you have completed the draft, submit it and it will join the Design Update Queue, staff members will review it, if there are any issues they will cancel the submission and include why, any errors can be fixed and the Design Update can be resubmitted