[Holiday] Snailcat Racing Season!

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Edit 4/5: And the winner is.....


RexAraneo's Morpheus!!!!!!! Congrats, and well done to all the racers, hope everyone had a good racing season!


On your marks... get set... and go!! It's time for Snailcat Racing season! Every March, snailcats from all over the continent hold races and track meets to show off thier feats of speed, dexterity, and endurance. The races usually have a fun atmosphere with other side events and small festivals to go along with the races, so there's fun for all during snailcat racing season!

Holiday details

For Snailcat Racing season, members can sign up one of their snailcats to the race lineup, and each week will have matchups between the submitted snailcats where members can cheer on the racers, until one snailcat comes out on top! The winner of each matchup will be determined with a randomizer weighted by the amount of cheers each racer gets, so the underdog may come out on top! The winner will only be for bragging rights, and a bit of art from Provie of the winner, all holiday prizes will be earned by cheering on the racers!

Holiday Schedule
March 1st - March 7th - Sign ups open for snailcat racers (one per member)

March 8th - March 14th: Round One Matchups
Click here to view the Bracket!

March 15th -  March 21st: Round Two Matchups
Click here to view the bracket!

March 22nd - 28th: Round Three Matchups
Click here to view the bracket!

March 29th - April 5th: Final Round!
Click here to view the bracket!

Signup and Cheering Rules and Prize Details

  • Members may sign up one of thier snailcats by commenting on this news post with the following details:
    • Snailcat's Name
    • Snailcat's Pronouns
    • Link to the Snailcat's masterlist entry
  • All signups must be commented by the end of the day on March 7th in order to join the race. 
  • During the rounds, all members (regardless of if they have a snail in the race) can cheer one snailcat from each matchup once per day by submitting a list of racers they wish to cheer via claims
    • Members may not cheer for thier own character, and may opt out of cheering any matchup if they choose to. As long as you cheer for one of the available matchups you will collect your point
  • Members will earn one Holiday Ticket per cheering claim, and the Holiday Goodie Bag can be purchased in the Snailcat Racing Season Shop for 5 tickets each, plus there will be some other goodies in there as well

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Happy Racing Season!



Zevhara Avatar

Name: Dark
Pronouns: She/He/Dae
Link: https://puppillars.com/character/SNIL-047

2023-03-07 16:32:15

uzkost Avatar

Name: Marble
Pronouns: he/they
masterlist entry: https://puppillars.com/character/SNIL-005

2023-03-07 11:28:39

Hawkins Avatar
Hawkins Staff Member

Name: Blue Razz
Pronouns: He/they
Masterlist: https://puppillars.com/character/SNIL-023

let’s gooOOOOOOO

2023-03-06 22:58:16

wanderandfriend Avatar
wanderandfriend Staff Member They/them

Snailcat's Name: Orange
Snailcat's Pronouns: He/they
Link to the Snailcat's masterlist entry: https://puppillars.com/character/SNIL-073

2023-03-06 12:42:41

RexAraneo Avatar
RexAraneo He/It

Snailcat’s Name: Morpheus
Snailcat’s Pronouns: They/It/He
Link to the Snailcat's masterlist entry: https://puppillars.com/character/SNIL-077

2023-03-05 22:06:28

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