The Adventurer's Guild

Created: 26 May 2020, 20:17:43 CDT
Last updated: 21 August 2022, 11:43:57 CDT

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Welcome to the adventurer's Guild!

You can always find Leo at the Puppillar Adventurer's Guild, a cozy facility tucked into a hollowed out tree in the local puppillar secret glade. The main room is open, with lots of space for guild members to relax, a large message board where open Adventures are posted. Leo's desk towards the back of the room, always covered in maps and other papers. If its your first time here, don't forget to Register for your Adventuring License!

Click here to see all open Adventure Areas

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How do I join the adventurer's guild?

In order to participate in Adventures and Quests, members must have an Adventuring License, a special memento. One license will cover every character a member owns, and to get one, you must simply submit a claim requesting one! Every Adventuring License comes with 1 Complimentary Adventuring Level to start you off! Once members have completed this task, they may start completing adventures and earning adventuring levels!


What are adventures?

Adventures are prompt based activities open to all members of the Adventurer's guild. Adventures are posted by the Guild on the Open Adventure Areas Board, and involve exploring different locations around the world of Puppillars. In order to complete an adventure, a member must create art or writing that fits the task of what their puppillar is doing at the location and submit to the prompt for that adventure. During adventures, members can choose a specific event  from a list to go with their submission, so there’s some “replay value”, and by completing all events for a specific area members can earn a special award!


What are quests?

Quests are special adventures that are more involved than adventures. Like Adventures, Quests are posted by the Guild on the Open Quests Board. Unlike adventures, quests can be completed only once by each member, and have a multi step process to complete. Besides just art/writing prompts, quests may have puzzles or other elements. After they have opened, quests will always be open for members to complete at their own pace. Each quest is tied to Puppillars lore, and will have a specific prize at the end (along with smaller prizes throughout). Quests have a single prompt where all steps are turned in. 


How do I unlock more adventures?

Each adventure has an associated level, and only members who have reached that level may play that adventure. Levels are attached to the member, not individual Puppillar. Members start out at level 1, and gain one level for each completed adventure, which is represented by the Adventuring Level Currency. Higher level adventures may award “better” prizes, lead to more character development, or contain secrets and lore. 


What is the process for completing an adventure?

Adventures are all through the prompts system, here are the steps you will need to follow:

  1. Browse the Open Adventure Areas list and choose your Adventure
  2. Browse the list of events provided along with the Adventure and choose one to apply to your Adventuring instance
    1. In certain conditions, you may choose more than one event
  3. Create your art or writing of your Puppillar having their adventure! Each prompt will have the minimum requirements posted
  4. Submit your art/writing to the ARPG Gallery
  5. Submit your art to the Prompt corresponding to the Adventure you chose
    1. For the URL section, please include the link to the gallery submission
    2. In the comments section, Please include the event you chose, if you are using any adventuring items, and any other comments you have for the staff
    3. If you have any items you are using, attach them to your submission.


What is the process for completing a quest?

The process for completing a quest is the same as completing an adventure, though after you have completed the initial prompt, you can move on to the next step! And then repeat until the Quest is complete! Each quest may only be complted once per member, but can also be completed at your own pace!


WHat items can i use along with my adventure?

There are some items out there that will be of use on your adventures, they can be found rarely from Gacha or other means.

170-image.png  Lucky Adventure Coin: Gives an extra loot roll for one adventure. Consumed on use.

165-image.pngMagic Wishbone: Allows for a "wish" for any area item to be included in the adventure rewards. Turns into Wishbone when used.