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Art Fight 2024 + Breeding Raffle!

Posted 1 July 2024, 12:52:39 CDT by Provie
Happy art fight!!

It's that time of year once again, Art Fight is back for another year, and as always we have some fun bonuses for the season! Since art fight is such a big event and a busy month for a lot of folks, we won't be having any other events or holidays this month, so people can focus on having fun with art fight!

For the duration of Art Fight, all gift art will earn DOUBLE rolls on Chance's Gacha Generosity!

  • This includes all gift art for puppillars members, regardless of the character (so even non-puppillars characters count!)
  • When submitting art of non-puppillars characters, please use the Art Fight link to the piece, and include the member's Puppillars username in the comment section
  • We have an art fight roll call posted in our Discord Server, where you can find links to members on Art Fight!
    • The roll call is optional, members can still get the bonus for members not on the roll call, or even members who have not been active on our site/discord. As long as they have an account on Puppillars, you can get the bonus!
  • Even if you are not particiapating in Art Fight, any gift art you do this month also counts for the bonus!
  • Remember to still upload any Art Fight art of puppillars characters to our Gallery to get those treats!

The bonus will go on for the entire duration of Art Fight, so if the event is extended, the bonus will be extended until the event officially ends!

To add on to the celebration this year, we are also rolling a Puppypillar/Snailkitten Raffle into our Art Fight celebration! As well as the Chance Bonuses, each gift art completed during Art Fight will earn a ticket to our July 2024 Breeding Raffle!! There will be three winners, and each winner will recieve a Puppypillar Breeding a Snailkitten Breeding or a Custom Puppypillar or Snailcat! Members can add the Raffle Ticket as a reward to thier Chance Prompt, or tickets will be added for you after your Chance Prompt has been approved!

Click here to see Chance's Gacha Generosity Prompt

Click here to visit the Art Fight site

[Event] Pride in the Park!

Posted 1 June 2024, 14:32:25 CDT by Provie

Happy Pride Month Everyone!!!!

The air is filled with joy and celebration, music, the waving of flags, and all sorts of other fun stuff! This year, Bark Park is hosting a huge Pride Event for all of New Barkston! Of course, other places across the continent are having thier own celebrations, Pride in the Park is the biggest pride celebration on the continent! There's lots of fun to be had for everyone!


Pride in the Park Parade and Food Trucks!

To celebrate Pride at Bark Park, the park is throwing a Pride Parade and bringing in a bunch of Food Trucks to provide snacks for all! Members can participate by drawing their character(s) marching in the parade, or by creating a food truck!

  • To participate in the parade, members can submit a drawing of thier character(s) marching in the parade, which will all be compiled at the end in a big parade picture!
    • All images must be a fullbody with a transparent background (so we can easily create the final image)
    • Characters can be just standing/marching, or have stuff like costumes, instruments, etc. Use your imagination!
    • All images must be submitted to the Pride in the Park 2024 Gallery!
    • Members may collaborate on peices for this activity!
  • To participate in the food truck rally, members can submit a drawing of thier character(s) running thier own food truck/stand, optionally including a menu! At the end, I will be creating a few items for the site based on the menus!


Draw the Character Above Game

Our Draw the Character Above Game returns this year over at our Discord Server! Head on over to the #server-events channel on our Discord to participate! Members can claim the post above to draw another member's character with a pride theme! 


Custom Raffle

As an extra incentive to enjoy all the above offerings, we are having a custom raffle this month! Three winners will recieve a custom by myself (Provie), either a Rare Puppillar, Super Rare Snailcat, or Any type of Arcane Fauna! 

To earn tickets, simply participate in the activities above! Members will earn One Ticket for each parade and/or food truck image they create, and One Ticket for each claim they finish on the Draw the Character Above Game! Tickets will be added by staff, no claims needed!


All the above activities will run through June 30th at Midnight site time!


New pride items

Last but not least, we have a bunch of new Pride Items, representing 5 New Pride Flags, Aroace, Neutrois, Queer (2 Versions), and Queerplatonic! All of the items can be found in the Pride Shops, which are sorted between the Accesory Shop and the Collectible Shop!

<a href=<a href=<a href=<a href=<a href=<a href=<a href=

<a href=<a href=<a href=<a href=<a href=<a href=<a href=

<a href=<a href=<a href=<a href=<a href=<a href=<a href=

<a href=<a href=<a href=<a href=<a href= <a href=<a href=

<a href=<a href=<a href=<a href=<a href=<a href=<a href=

Thanks to everyone who suggested flags we didn't have yet! Reminder that if your flag isn't represented, you can always use our Blank Pride Items to attach to a character's inventory, or use our Custom Items System to add it to the site.


[Holiday] Ducky Days!

Posted 14 May 2024, 21:50:15 CDT by Provie

UPDATE 5/19: Changed the "limits" for ducky days goodie bag to be once per user rather than once per day, less limiting! Members are welcome to send claims for any additional eligible compliments!

Happy Ducky Days!! It's time for our next holiday in the year, and it's a holiday about something we all love- DUCKIES!!

On Arcanis, one of the best way to show your appreciation for loved ones and friends is to give them a rubber duck! They are super popular among Puppillars, and have even caught on with Snailcats and Arcane Fauna, everyone loves a ducky! During the second half of May, the denizens of Arcanis do their best to show appreciation for those they care about. Giving Duckies is a big part of the Holiday, but giving kind and genuine appreciation and telling your loved ones how you feel about them is just as important!


Ducky days Holiday Activity

For this holiday, we will be focusing on showing appreciation to each other, this activity will revolve around complimenting other members and/or their characters! Members will comment below to "Open" their Ducky Days inbox, and then members can post compliments! Members can post as many compliments as they like, though they can only claim One Ducky Days Goodie Bag per complimented user though members are encouraged to post as many compliments as they would like!

 <a href=
You can claim your Goodie Bag(s) by submitting a Claim and linking your comment(s) in the comment section. You may claim multiple bags in one claim! The Goodie Bag is unchanged from last year, and contains 3 Ducky Gacha Balls!

To Open up your Ducky Days Inbox, please post the following form in the comments below:

Personal Compliments: (yes/no)
Any personal compliments notes: (for example if you are a system and only certain members want personal compliments)
Character Compliments: (yes/no)
Any character compliments notes: (for example if you only want compliments on designs you created or only certain characters)
In character Compliments: (yes/no)
Any in character compliments notes: (for example if you only want characters with pre-established connections compliment your characters)

I hope this form helps to navigate any comfort levels anyone might have surrounding this event!

Ducky days will end at the end of the day May 31st! Makes sure to "open" your mailbox and get your compliments in!



New Ducky Daily!

In celebration of duckies, we have added a new Daily, the Ducky Pond! Each day you can claim a ducky, just like with fishing, and just like with fishing as well, all the current (and new!) duckies now have a resale value, so you can earn some treats as you amass duplicates and such! Don't forget to do your dailies, those treats will add up over time! 

Click here to visit the Ducky Pond!

New Duckies? Did I hear new duckies???

That's right folks, our staff members have some fresh new duckies for you, 20 new duckies to be exact! All the new duckies can be found in Ducky Gacha Balls AND at the Ducky Pond. All the new duckies are as follows:

<a href=<a href=<a href=<a href=<a href=
Alien Big Headed Ducky | Arcade Ducky | Boba Big Headed Ducky | Dragon Big Headed Ducky | Flower Crown Big Headed Ducky

<a href=<a href=<a href=<a href=<a href=
Flutterbat Ducky | Birthday Ducky | Gamer Ducky | Glow in the Dark Ducky | Glowing Ducky

<a href=<a href=<a href=<a href=<a href=
Goffic Big Headed Ducky | Jasper Ducky | Kawaii Ducky | Kitty Ducky | Mandarin Ducky

<a href=<a href=<a href=<a href=<a href=
Pinata Ducky | Polka Dot Ducky | Polka Dot Big Headed Ducky | Tree Frog Ducky


Updates on Items!

To finish out this news post, we have some other general items updates, these can all be found in the following Devlog, for your convenience!

Click here to read the item updates!

[Holiday] Snailcat Racing Season 2024!

Posted 28 February 2024, 22:58:17 CST by Provie

Update 4/8

And the winner is..... NAROMI! Congrats! I will be doing some champion art for Naromi soon, as well as add new trading card item of our new winner! Thanks to everyone for participating! In addition, Naromi's new official trading card can now be found in the Snailcat Racing Season Goodie Bag!


Click here to view the final bracket!



THE most popular sporting event of the year, Snailcat Racing, is back once again! Snailcats across the continent have been training since last year's race, hoping to make it to the winner's podium. Last year, Morpheus took first place, but it's anyone's race this year! Is your Snailcat up to the challenge?

Races are the main event during this holiday, but around the grounds of the races is also a celebration and a carnival atmosphere which anyone can enjoy! There will be some fun games to play, and a prize booth with lots of fun stuff!!

Time for snailcat racing season!

This year, for Snailcat Racing season, we will be having the big race as well as carnival games for everyone to participate in throughout the race! Read on for all the details!

snailcat racing

Members can sign up one of thier Snailcats (or snailkittens!) for the big race, and after the signups we will have bracketed matchups each week to determine who wins. Members can cheer for snailcats in the race every day, and winners for the matchups will be determined with a randomizer weighted by the amount of cheers each racer gets, so the underdog (or undersnailcat!) defintely has a chance to win!  The winner will only be for bragging rights, and a bit of art from Provie, and the chance to appear on a trading card item, all of the holiday tickets prizes will be earned by cheering on the racers!

Racing Schedule

March 1st - March 10th: Signups open for Snailcat Racers (one per member)
March 11 - March 17th: Round 1 Matchups
(click here for this week's bracket!)
March 18th - 24th: Round 2 Matchups
(click here for this week's bracket!)
March 25th - March 31st: Round 3 Matchups
(click here for this week's bracket)
April 1st - April 7th: Final Round Matchups
(click here for this week's bracket)

Signup and Cheering Rules and Prize Details

  • Members may sign up one of thier snailcats by commenting on this news post with the following details:
    • Snailcat's Name
    • Snailcat's Pronouns
    • Link to the Snailcat's masterlist entry
  • All signups must be commented by the end of the day on March 10th in order to join the race. 
  • During the rounds, all members (regardless of if they have a snail in the race) can cheer one snailcat from each matchup once per day by submitting a list of racers they wish to cheer via claims
    • Members may not cheer for thier own character, and may opt out of cheering any matchup if they choose to. As long as you cheer for one of the available matchups you will collect your point
  • Members will earn one Holiday Ticket per cheering claim, useable in the Holiday Shop!
  • The Holiday Goodie Bag can be purchased in the Prize Booth for 5 Holiday Tickets, and will contain two Random Snailcat Racing items (with the pool being the medals, the plushies, and the trading cards!)
Carnival Games

To add on some extra fun to this event, we are also adding some limited time dailies, bringing back the games from the Bark Park Music Fest! Members will be able to play each game once per day to earn event points to use at the Prize Booth, where you can find some fun carnival themed items, as well as well as MYOs!

Each game is a roll on  its respective Loot Table, which are as follows:

  • Beanbag Toss - An even chance of winning 5, 7, or 10 Event Points
  • Giant Tumble Tower - 25% chance to win 15 Event Points or 75% chance to win 3 Event Points
  • Ducky Pond - Always win 5 Event Points and a Random (Non-Pride) Ducky item!

The Carnival Games will open on March 11th!

Click here to check out the dailies!

New items roundup

Here are all the fun new items for this Holiday, as well as where to get them!

<a href=<a href=<a href=<a href=
Trading Cards - Found in Snailcat Racing Season Goodie Bags

<a href=<a href=
Snailcat Shell Earrings - For sale in the Holiday Shop (permanent stock)

<a href=<a href=<a href=
Snailcat Racing Trophies - For sale in the Holiday Shop (permanent stock)

<a href=<a href=<a href=<a href=
Snailcat Balloons - For sale in the Carnival Prize Shop (shop will close shortly afetr the event ends)

Click here to visit the Holiday Shop!
Click here to visit the Carnival Prize Shop!!

[Holiday] Flutterbat Migration

Posted 7 April 2024, 18:07:49 CDT by Provie

Hi everyone! Time for our next holiday, this time we are celebrating Flutterbats! Every April, flutterbats like to travel throughout the land and have a nice holiday, and many others join in to celebrate along with them by travelling or joining in with the pranks those zany flutterbats love to play on others!

To celebrate this holiday, we have a new recurring prompt which will be open yearly from April 1st to April 31st (next year we will have signups for Snailcat racing a bit earlier so this holiday is the whole month of April). This holiday has a simple prompt for participation, and members can earn a Flutterbat Migration Goodie Bag, containing two exclusive items and 10 Holiday Tickets!!

Click here to see the prompt!

We also have some great new items to celebrate the Holiday! Here are the new items and where you can find them:

<a href=
Flutterbat Migration Goodie Bag
Recieved from Prompt Reward!

<a href=<a href=
Flutter Jester Cap | Rubber Chicken
Recieved from opening the Flutterbat Migration Goodie Bag (you get both!)

<a href=<a href=<a href=<a href=<a href=
Monochrome Jester Hat | Bright Jester Hat | Black Fanny Pack | Neon Fanny Pack | Pink Fanny Pack
Available at the Holiday Shop!

<a href=<a href=<a href=<a href=
Messenger Gull | Messenger Bat | Messenger Dragon | Messenger Pigeon
Available at the Holiday Shop

<a href=
Petey Squashy Plush
Available at Petey's Arcane Emporium (kind of a random bonus!)

Art and Design Exchange!

Posted 10 February 2024, 16:53:28 CST by Provie


By popular demand, we're having an art exchange, and for the first time we are also having a design exchange! Whether you want some art, a new design, or both, this exchange will have a little something for everyone! Members may sign up for the Art Exchange, the Design Exchange, or for both! Read on for all the details!

Timeline for both exchanges

Signups: Feb 10th - Feb 20th
Assignments go out: Feb 21st
Art and Designs Due: March 17th, 2024
Art and Designs Revealed: March 18th 2024


Art exchange
  • For the art exchange, the minimum art requirement is one colored fullbody, going above and beyond is welcome, but not required!
  • All finished art must be uploaded to the Art and Design Exchange 2024 Gallery, but art will not be accepted until the reveal date!
  • If any issues arise and you need a replacement artist or an extension, please contact Provie as soon as possible. I can be contacted via discord or toyhouse (under the user name provie on both)
    • If you fail to complete your piece, you may be banned from future art exchanges!

Sign up for the art exchange here!


Design exchange
  • For the design exchange, the minimum art requirement is a clean fullbody image of the design, you may include other reference elements but its not required
  • All finished designs must be uploaded to the Art and Design Exchange 2024 Gallery, but will not be accepted until the reveal date!
    • Please include a list of traits used in the gallery description so your recipient can know what they need to make the design official!
  • Please be mindful to follow the design guidelines provided by the person you are designing for, and be respectful of thier preferences!
  • Reminder that all designs from this exchange will be unofficial, to submit them to the site you will still need a MYO and any add ons they require!
  • If any issues arise and you need a replacement artist or an extension, please contact Provie as soon as possible. I can be contacted via discord or toyhouse (under the user name provie on both)
    • If you fail to complete your piece, you may be banned from future art exchanges!

Sign up for the design exchange here!


We hope you all have fun with the art and design exchanges!!

Happy 5th Anniversary Puppillars!!

Posted 31 January 2024, 23:00:25 CST by Provie


It's February! That means its Puppillars' anniversary!

It's been five whole years since I started puppillars, we've gone through so much changes and growth, I'm so happy to see the group still going and going strong! Whether you are a brand new member, or have been here the whole time, I'm happy you are enjoying the group!

Milestones from the past year

Our biggest milestones from this year were related to our first ever plot! The plot had Five Steps with activities both big and small, and also added a lot of lore to our world, including our new World Map! Through the plot we also met our third species on puppillars, Arcane Fauna! There will still be lore updates from this plot to come, look forward to more info on magic, and more info on the new locations on the map!

Besides the lore features, we also added some awesome new features this year, including our newest feature, The Fishing Hole,  a brand new Holiday Shop, the brand new Transformation Magic, and a new Adenturing area, Plateau Lake!

Along with the plot, we also were able to have some fun events last year, including our first ever Fundraiser, where we raised $375 for LGBT organizations in the US, Brazil, and Slovakia! We also had our first ever MYO Event, which was also a crossover event with our friends at World of Lingua! Besides all that, we even managed to squeeze in a few other things like Snailcat Racing and an XTA Contest!

There are now 140 members on our site! That's more than 50 new members this year! 

There are now 399 Puppillars, 120 snailcats, and 43 Arcane Fauna on our site!

There are 806 items on our site, and 59 awards!


Yipee!! Let's celebrate

To celebrate our 5th Birthday, we have a new award for members to collect, we are  having a Customs Raffle, and also made some adopts for the Wanderer's Glade!


To claim the Fifth Birthday Cakepops and enter the custom raffle, comment on this news post with a positive event from the past year, can be puppillars related or not, or both! 

The rafflle will have 5 winners, each will recieve a custom from one of our artists, Provie (will be doing 2 customs), Nhrive, Elliot, and Hawkins! Each winner will be randomly paired with an artist, who will create a custom for you from the following options:
- Any Arcane Fauna (can have Transfiguarion Magic)
- Super Rare Pupillar or Snailcat
- Rare Puppillar or Snailcat + Transfiguration Magic

The raffle and claiming the award will close on February 29th!

To celebrate our 5th Anniversary, we also have Six Adopts headed to the Wanderer's Glade! Keep an eye out in the next few days for some new friends!


What's next?

We have alot of fun stuff planned for the rest of the year, we want to release more items and awards, as well as work on new dailies and a new adventuring area!

This month, we are having an Art and Design exchange, as hightly requested by our members in our 2023 Survey. We will be posting the details on the exchange later today! Coming up next in March we will have the return of the Snailcat Racing Holiday!


Time for Holiday NPC voting!

Our NPC Design contest has concluded! Since we had three entries, all three are finalists! Members can now vote on which design they like best using the following form:

Click here to vote!

The vote will close at the end of the day on Febraury 4th, 2023!

Let's go Fishin!

Posted 22 January 2024, 21:44:43 CST by Provie

Fishing HoleFishing HoleFishing Hole

The fishening is upon us!!!

Introducing our first "Daily", the Fishing Hole! Dailes are activities that members can participate, either daily, weekly, possibly even monthly, we'll see what we do with it. Our first Daily is a true, daily activity, you can collect one fish per day at the Fishing Hole! There are currently 21 different fish you can collect, and you can also sell your fish back to the site for some treats, if you don't wanna keep em! Good luck with your fishing trips!

Click here to go Fishing!

We plan on adding some more dailies as time goes on, we already have a second one in the works! Enjoy!

Happy Festival of the New Moon!

Posted 20 January 2024, 23:07:56 CST by Provie

Merriment is abound in Arcanis, for the first full moon of the year is quickly approaching! The moon is important in puppillar culture, with the first full moon of the year being a major holiday on the calander! Throughout the continent, communities rally together to party hard, with lots and lots of noise, in order to chase away any bad energy trying to make its way into the new year. Musicians are out in full force, there's lots of dancing, howling, and of course lots of yummy food! Puppypillars in particular love this holiday, as they get to be loud and rambunctious and stay up late to view the full moon in all its glory!

Happy Festival of the New Moon Everyone!

It's time for our first holiday of the year! The Festival of the New Moon goes from January 21st to February 21st, with a simple prompt: depict your character celebrating the holiday! Members may complete this prompt as many times as they like before the deadline, and for each completion they will recieve a Festival of the New Moon Goodie Bag, which contains two holiday themed items, and 10 Holiday Tickets! There will also be a Memento in the future for participating in holiday prompts, so if you wanna set yourself up to get the Memento when it releases, make sure to join in the fun!


Click here to check out the prompt!


As a special treat, we also have two new items in the Holiday Shop for this holiday, the Moon Koi and Mooncakes! Make sure you do the Holiday Prompt so you can get some Holiday Tickets for these new items!

<a href=<a href=

As a reminder, the NPC Design contest for the shopkeeper for the Holiday Shop is still open and will end on January 31st!

Click here to visit the Holiday Shop!
Click here to check out our list of Holidays!

NPC Design Contest, extended!

Posted 2 January 2024, 13:30:42 CST by Provie

Hi everyone! With the holidays being so busy, we are extending the NPC design contest until January 31st! See all the details below, copied from our previous news post!

NPC Design Contest!

It's time for our first ever NPC Design contest! We will soon be launching a brand new shop, the Holiday Shop, and we are looking for a new NPC to be the shopkeeper! Here are the guidelines for the character design:

  • Any species is allowed, though if you design a Puppillar or Snailcat, the maximum rarity level should be Rare! No special traits can be included for Puppillars
  • The NPC is a shopkeeper with a cheerful demeanor who loves to celebrate all the holidays of Arcanis
    • Even though this design contest is in December, the design doesn't need to focus on the winter holidays!
  • We encourage designers to make this NPC design easy to replicate, as the character will be available for anyone to draw for activities

Contest Rules

  1. All members of Puppillars may participate in the contest, including staff members
  2. All entries should be design concepts, rather than fully finished/polished peices, as only one will be accepted, we would rather folks submit quick concepts!
    1. If your entry is chosen, you will then be asked to create a finished version of the design, which we will use for the Masterlist art and Shop header!
  3. All entries must be submitted to the 2023 NPC Design Contest Gallery Folder
  4. Entries will be judged on design elements, creativity, and what we think will fit the NPC, rather than art "quality" or level of polish
  5. Participants can submit a maximum of one entry
  6. If your design is not chosen as the winner, you are free to do whatever you want with your design
  7. Staff members will choose a number of finalists (depending on the amount of entries we recieve), and then the final winner will be determind by member voting!
  8. For this design contest, entries will be open until January 31st, 2023!


  • The winning design will be used as an official NPC on our site, and the creator will recieve 10 Nuggies!
  • All non-winning finalists will recieve 200 treats!
  • All participants will recieve 5 Holiday Tickets