Legendary Puppillar Tale

Created: 12 June 2020, 11:12:18 CDT
Last updated: 6 April 2024, 21:53:58 CDT

The Tale of spots, the legendary Puppillar of the Sky


On the continent of Arcanis, many tales are told of the Legendary Puppillars of old. Though there are still Legendary Puppillars around today, most do not advertise their status or thier power. In the days of old, before modern time where puppillars and humans live and work together, these powerful puppillars were often revered by humans.  In some cultures these majestic and humongous Puppillars are regarded as gods, with their local humans leaving them offerings in hopes of recieving blessings or good fortune.  This relationship was often beneficial for both parties, with the Legendary Puppillars using thier magic to benefit their flock, and in turn being fed offerings, and in many cases these Legendary Puppillars were also afforded some protection from those who would seek to control them or do them harm.

Just like puppillars, not all humans have peaceful hearts. Some humans sought to capture the magic of these Legendary Puppillars and harness it for themselves, by whatever means they could. These poachers caused many to look at Legendary Puppillars differently, as potential sources of wealth and power, and some would even come to fear the powers of these puppillars. With both greed and fear come violence, which faced many of the Legendary Puppillars of old. Some fell, and most were driven into hiding. The era of Legendary Puppillars being revered and being marvelled at, flying through the sky or performing magic, came to a close.

Many worried that the Legendary Puppillars of the world had been hunted to extinction, but the circumstances just caused the Legendary Puppillars to adapt. Legendary Puppillars concentrated and adapted their magic to stay safe, developing and harnessing the power to project an Illusory Form which could blend in better with normal puppillars, it all started with one Legendary Puppillar, The Puppillar of the Sky.

The Puppillar of the Sky, was a massive, gentle Pupp whose true name had been lost to time. They used to soar across the skies, quite the sight to see, and local humans would hold festivals in their honor. Unfortunately after a run in with some cruel humans, The Legendary Puppillar of the Sky was forced to flee and hide. As they fled their brain was racing with ideas, and injured, they hid away, working at a way to stay hidden. Through work and meditation, The Legendary Puppillar of the sky was able to disguise themselves as a more common looking Puppillar. 

Kind hearted local humans noticed their absence.  In the coming years, the humans kept their traditions alive, hoping that they could bring their revered Puppillar back, but as time passed less people celebrated, and eventually the annual festival stopped happening. The world started to forget about the powerful Legendary Puppillars that had such influence and sway in the world. Legendary Puppillars were spotted less and less, as the word spread from the Legendary Puppillar of the Sky, and more and more Legendary Puppillars learned to harness this illusory magic.

The Legendary Puppillar of the Sky hid among the hills, close enough to the local village to continue keeping watch of the humans it cared for. They kept their identity secret, even from the local Puppillars, fearing that letting it slip would cause them to be hunted. The only contact they had was through magical communication with other Legendary Puppillars, it was quite lonely, but they were still afraid. They did have some solace, without getting too close they would keep watch over the village, and especially the village's childen, having a soft spot for the young humans. Since the attack by the poachers, The Legendary Puppillar of the Sky walked with a limp, as magical as they were, healing magic was not among their talents. For a while, a young girl watched the puppillar back, noting thier injury. After some observation, the little girl cautiously approached them, bringing some food. The Legendary Puppillar of the Sky shrunk away at first, but the child was persistent and gentle, and after it became evident that the child meant no harm, The Legendary Puppillar of the Sky became more friendly.

The child took what she thought was just a stray puppillar home, where they lived as a well loved family pet. During this time, The Legendary Puppillar of the Sky slowly learned to trust humans again, being able to observe humans more thuroughly than they had before. They realized how much they had missed the village folk they watched over, and being among them felt safe and warm again. The village humans even used some of their healing resources to mend the puppilar's leg, kept them fed and warm, and cared for them deeply. The Legendary Puppillar of the Sky began to look forward to playing with the village children, fetching sticks, chasing them, and curling up around them when they all grew tired from running around. 

Their time in the village was insightful as well. Despite starting to settle in, The Legendary Puppillar of the Sky was still vigilant, keeping an eye out for the types of people who had hunted them and others like them. The village folk seemed like mainly good folk, on occasion strangers would come to town, and the puppillar observed a few hunter types being turned away. The Legendary Puppillar of the Sky was treated well, and saw that the villager's domestic puppillars were as well. The village folk even cared for the local wild puppillars, even if they kept their distance. Though the festival dedicated to them had stopped, they observed the humans discussing discussing the disappearance of Legendary Puppillars, and reminiscing about the one they used to worship. The puppillar they once cherished so much was dearly missed, even without the festival, the stories of The Legendary Puppillar of the Sky were still passed down.

Living with humans was a good experience, The Legendary Puppillar of the Sky grew close to thier human companions, living with them for many years, through the child's growing up and even into her adulthood. Being a legendary puppillar, they outlived their caretakers, but was so touched by the time spent with them that they revealed themselves once again to the village, much to the surprise and celebration of the local humans. Though thier original name had been lost to time, The Legendary Puppillar of the Sky was celebrated and revered as  the name the village knew them as, the name that the child gave it so many years ago, Spots.