Start Guide and FAQs

Created: 29 May 2020, 23:27:52 CDT
Last updated: 19 September 2023, 12:46:52 CDT


Welcome to Puppillars!

Greetings, to both our longtime members and new ones alike! On this page we have all the things you need to get started on our site and in our ARPG!


What is Puppillars?

Puppillars is a closed species ARPG, which means we are an art-driven community with  activities and fun things to do on our site, but only members can participate using officially recognized Characters. You do NOT need a Puppillars character to join our group however, or even participate in our activities! Most activities can be completed by using the group's official mascots, or another member's Puppillar (with their permission)!

Puppillars are magical, multi-legged dogs with a vibrant history and community of thier own! Puppillars also co-exist with our other species who inhabit and influence the world as well. Members both participate in, and help develop the Puppillars world through our activities and events. Members can adopt a character or create their own to use in events, with traits that have different levels of rarity!

By participating in activities and events, members can earn our currency, Treats, which can be used to buy things in group! Members also receive treats for submitting art of any kind, and treats earned by submitting art will be calculated by staff and added to your account, just by submitting to our gallery!

We reccomend that all new members take some time clicking around the various links on or site to get a feel for how everyrthing works, and you can find a detailed guide on how to navigate our site here!



How do I get a Puppillars character?

There are a few different ways to obtain a puppillars character to use for our ARPG:

  • Adoptables will be available for either sale, auction, or OTA (offer to adopt) from either our staff artists or guest artists, any pre-made adoptables will be listed on our Sales Tab, so keep an eye out!
  • Make Your Own Slots (also known as MYOs) are available for members who want to design their own character! MYO slots are available a few different ways:
    • Puppillar MYOs are always available for purchase with USD using our premium currency, Nuggies, which can be obtained using our Purchase Nuggies prompt or through our Ko-Fi page
    • Common, Rare, and Super Rare MYOs Puppillar MYOs and all levels of Snailcat MYOs are always available for purchase with treats from Apollo's General Store
      • Apollo also stocks two special types of MYOs, the Discount Puppillar MYO Coin is available at a discounted rate to serve as a member's first Puppillar MYO, and the Free Snailcat MYO is available one per member as a free first character!
    • MYO items have a chance to drop in Gacha Capsules, which can be purchased at Chance's Gacha Shop with Gacha Tokens, which are earned by making gift art for other members using our Chance's Gacha Generosity Prompt!
    • Arcane Fauna MYOs can be purchased from Petey's Arcane Emporium using the exclusive Arcane Mote currency, which can be earned from existing Arcane Fauna characters
  • Puppillar and Snailcat customs are also available for purchase with USD via our Artist Customs, where an artist will create a custom character to your specifications
  • MYOs or Customs will sometimes be available under limited circumstances, such as for events, through raffles, from special gifts, or through our limited time OTA Kiosk, where members can offer things like art for MYOs or Customs




What do i do now that I created my Account?

When your account is registered  and verified, you're free to explore the site! You can edit your profile, check out the Lore, and more! Clicking around on the site will help build some familiarity, but remember staff is also available to answer any questions you have!

Once you're settled, you can start to participate any activities on the site, including completing prompts to start earning treats, which you can be spent in the shops! New members should check out Apollo's shop, where you can claim a free Welcome Gift, a free Snailcat MYO, and once you've earned enough treats, you can grab the Discount MYO Coin, which is a discounted Common Puppillar MYO slot each account can obtain once! 

Puppillars occasionally has events members can participate it, so keep an eye on our News Tab for updates on current goings on. We also have a number of activities that are always available, so there's always something to do! There's Adventures and Quests, as well as Challenges to take part in, each with their own unique prizes! We also have a number of Awards members can earn for completing various activities on site, which can be fun to work towards!

For new members who want a start into the lore of our ARPG, and a head start with getting some MYO slots, we highly reccomend going through our first plot, The Source of Magic, which awards some MYO slots and does a good job of introducting the world!



Where else can I chat about puppillars?

Members are encouraged to join the Puppillars Discord, and our Toyhouse World! Our discord is a great place to chat, share art, get previews from the staff, and have some fun! We even have exclusive giveaways on Discord, so check it out! The Toyhouse world is optional, but a fun extra spot if you are a Toyhouse user!

Click Here to Join Our Discord! | Click Here To Visit our Toyhouse World!





Why do I need to verify my account with an alias?
With our Lorekeeper framework, registering with an alias is required as a way to verify the account isn't a bot. Any account used for verification does not need to be active, and non-primary aliases can be hidden on site if the member chooses!

Why do I need a DeviantArt account to claim my old Cache?
Since our Group started out on Deviantart, dA accounts are currently required in order to verify if you were an existing member of the group before we moved to Lorekeeper (and possibly need to transfer existing items), and to make sure no one is trying to impersonate an old member when joining in order to try and claim their items or Puppillars.  If you were not a member of our group back in the Deviantart days, you do not need to worry about claiming anything and can just start fresh!

Can I change my username after I've signed up?
Yes! If you would like to change your username please contact a staff member, we can change your site name on our admin panel. There is a month cooldown for name change requests.

What about my aliases, can I change them?
Yes, if you have moved to a new account, on any of your registered aliases, you can remove old ones and add new ones via your Settings page, specifically the Aliases page!

How many treats do I get for X type of art/writing/etc?
We have a breakdown of our treats valuing system on this Google Sheet for you to see all the values!

If you have any questions not covered here, please ask in our #ask-staff channel on our Discord Server!