The Puppillars World

Created: 26 May 2020, 20:18:02 CDT
Last updated: 21 August 2022, 11:54:54 CDT


The world of Puppillars is much like our own, but is flowing with abundant magical energy. Magic has influenced the world, and that magic is channeled from the Puppillar species. Puppillars are plentiful throughout the land, and are able to get along and cohabitate with all manner of other creatures, including humans, normal animals, and other special creatures such as Snailcats! Snailcats and Puppillars share a common language, and often form societies together.

Throughout history, Puppillars have always chose their own path and as such have a very varied history. They have found places in the world as regional deities, leaders of their own communities, or loyal companions to humans. Though puppillars are able to mingle with other species mostly peacefully, the magic that Puppillars possess sometimes puts a target on their back. Throughout history, there have been those who would try to control puppillars, particularly ones with powerful magics, but despite being a highly varied species, Puppillars will always band together in order to protect each other. Many benevolent puppillars will use their abilities for the good of all.


The source of magic in the world is very mysterious. DespiteĀ  years of research and many expeditions by intrepid explorers, the source of the world's magic has never been found, or even determined with any degree of certainty. What we do know is that Puppillars are uniquely able to channel this magical energy, each puppillar has some magic, though the amount and type of magic greatly varies depending on the individual.

Humans are unable to harness magic themselves, and have to rely on the magic of puppillars to utilize magic in their societies. The relationship between puppillars and humans can be quite varied, and of course complicated. Throughout history, humans have sought the power that magic brings, causing conflicts, or having to come to compromises with puppillars. In this day an age, many humans and human societies are dependent on magic, so throughout the world puppillars are mainly well respected and taken care of.

Special creatures of the world, such as Snailcats, are able to harness magic, mainly through the use of magical potions crafted by puppillars. Very rarely a snailcat will be born with a magical shell, and no one knows how or why the source connects to these snailcats, but the abilities granted in these cases only relate to their shells. Magical Snailcat shells can look unassuming like regular object shells, but can have powerful magic abilities.

Puppillar Societies

Many Puppillars live in their own societies, typically hidden away from those who would seek to abuse their magic. These societies are often located in Secret Glades, magically influenced spaces tucked away in wooded areas. Puppillars with the ability to hide away such places have strived to make safe places for any puppillar or other special creatures to live. The location of these glades is communicated through puppillar communities and magic is used so puppillars can easily find them, and as such, secret glades are never secret to a puppillar!

Puppillar societies are as varied as human ones, with each being governed however the members see fit. Puppillars are a highly social species with a strong pack mentality, so most societies are run using cooperation and trust. The universally accepted currency among Puppillars is Treats, though in many places barter is acceptable, and often members of the society and even visitors will be taken care of, regardless of whether or not they can pay for it.

Snailcats and Puppillars often live in close contact with each other, and the two have always been steadfast allies. Since the beginnings of the creation of secret glades, Snailcats have always been welcome. Many snailcats live in secret glades, and some glades have even been created specifically for communities of snailcats.

Wild Puppillars

Not all puppillars and snailcats live in larger Secret Glade societies, some choose their own path, living in small packs, groups, or by themselves out in the wilds. Each puppillar or snailcat has their own reasons for striking it out on their own, and these lives are just as varied as the reasons for living them. Some live more animalistic lifestyles, hunting and foraging and living day by day, and some just prefer to live a solitary lifestyle but have all the comforts of a home, and of course there's all sorts of variety in between.

Not all wild puppillars and snailcats live a peaceful life, some live on their own because of discretions they have committed against societies they lived in, and some have turned to a life of crime or banditry. Some wild packs of puppillars and/or snailcats can be quite dangerous for travelers, but these are usually far and few between.

Puppillars Living Among Humans

Puppillars have also found their place in human society, where they often act as companions to humans, but are still able to retain independence if desired. Though Puppillars and humans do not have a shared language, companion puppillars use body language and can learn commands from humans. Through magic, some more direct communication is possible, and in some cases, Puppillars are able to wield influence in human societies and act as peers or even leaders. In all cases, even companion puppillars, the relationship between human and puppillar is a partnership rather than domestication.

Not all Puppillars that live among humans live so closely to them, some puppillars come and go from human societies, and some particularly powerful puppillars are even worshipped as dieties by groups of humans. Some puppillars live among humans but in their own homes, or travel through human settlements as merchants. Others become a focal point of a human society, acting as a local deity for humans, using their magic to aid in things like harvest or protecting smaller villages.

Though they do not possess the magical abilities coveted by humans, snailcats have also found their place among human society as companions or more independent "strays". Much like puppillars, even companion snailcats act as partners to humans rather than pets, and others live in their own homes in human societies, or travel through human settlements.

Threats to Puppillars

Most puppillars try to live peaceful lives, but not everything is picture perfect in the world of puppillars. There are many out there who covet the magic of puppillars, and the power it can bring. Humans especially have never been able to harness magic themselves, and throughout history have tried to exploit the powers of puppillars, either by coercion or by force. Throughout history, puppillars and snailcats have banded together to protect each other from these threats.

Even today, there are still some who would try and use a puppillar's magic for their own gain. Most puppillars never have to deal with danger like this in their lives, but puppillars with especially useful or powerful magic are always on their guard.