Advanced Dungeon Doggos

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Update 2/28/2020: Chapter 5 is now available!
A special bonus of Two Raffle Tickets will be awarded to everyone who makes at least one post in each chapter!
Chapter 5, and the other chapters, will remain open for two weeks, closing March 14th at Midnight Site time.
The Adopt Raffle will be Rolled on March 15th, so get those tickets in!


Welcome To advanced Dungeon Doggos!

Alabaster's library has always been a popular place for readers to hang out and discuss books, but over the years its served well as a community center where puppillars gather for club meeting and games.  Eventually, the legendary Puppillar started to take an interest in some of the games, and as an extremely well read puppillar, makes an excellent dungeon master. With the weather getting cooler, now is the perfect time to hole up in the cozy library around the gaming table! Alabaster has been hard at work on a story for all the puppillars out there, and everyone is welcome at his table!


How to get started!

To participate in the event, each member must fill out at least one Character Sheet for one of thier Puppillars/Snailcats (or an NPC/Raffle Puppillar if you don't have any yet). The character sheet is similar to a character meme for people to fill out, and inlcudes an area for a portrait, some simplified stats, and some info to help nail down your character.

Click here for the character sheet and instructions on how to fill it out!

How to participate in the adventure

Throughout the event, parts of the story will be posted on the Dungeon Doggos Hub, and members will be tasked with responding to the Chapters with what thier character would do in order to advance through the story! Members will recieve a base amount of event points for each response, and bonus "inspiration" points for responding using character info from thier character sheet.

Chapters will be released every week, on Sundays, and after being released, each Chapter will remain oprn until the end of the event on March 7th, 2021

Click Here to view the Dungeon Doggos Hub!

Bonus prompt!

As part of the event, we are also running a bonus prompt to earn some more event points. Simply draw or write about your character participatng in the game, either in character or out of character! For this prompt, you will earn Event Points equal to the Treats value of your piece!

Click here to see the prompt!

prize shop

You can spend your Event Points at the Event Shop to purchase all manner of fun gaming items, or raffle tickets for our Raffle Adopts!!

Click here to see the Event Shop!

Adopt raffle

As part of the event, we are having an Adopt Raffle, which will be drawn after the event is concluded! Our artists have made some awesome DnD themed adopts! Raffle tickets can be purhcased in the Event Shop! 

To add your tickets to the Raffles, please submit a Claim, adding the ticket item(s) to the claim, and adding the raffles you would like the tickets to go through as a reward by selecting Raffle Ticket as a Reward and selecting the raffle you want to add the ticket to. Please also list the tickets requested in the comments so staff can double check!

The Adopts are as follows (click the character code under each to see the masterlist entry!)

Pup-210 Fighter  by Provie | Pup-212 Rogue by Cedar (alt image)

Pup-211 Ranger by Nhrive | SNIL-015 Ranger's Companion by Nhrive
These two come as a Pair (alt image of them together)

Pup-213 Bard by tgi | Pup-214 Mindflayer by Nhrive

Pup-215 Wizard by tgi (alt image)

Random Encounters

As a fun extra for the event, there will be some Random Encounters popping up in our Discord Server! This will operate similarly to the Haunted Server event from last October, where some companions will ne Popping up in a special channel in the server. Members will have an opurtunity to win the companion by posting in the channel! Keep an eye out during the event and bring home some friends! To make sure you are alerted for new Random Encounters, don't forget to give yourself the Server Events role on the Discord! 



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unsure if i'm doing this right but I put in three tickets for the bard!

2021-03-14 09:55:19

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Provie Staff Member

Yep, just went and approved it!

2021-03-14 10:57:51

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