Winter Art Exchange!

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Things have calmed down a bit after all the holiday hubbub, but giving gifts is fun any time of year! Let's have some fun and draw some art for each other to start out the new year!

EVent Rules
  • Only registered members of may participate, and all registered members automatically agree to our Terms of Service
  • Participation is open to all members, including members of staff
  • For this exchange, the minimum art requirement is one colored fullbody, going above and beyond is welcome, but not required!
  • Finished art can be uploaded to the Winter Art Exchange 2022 Gallery, but will not be approved until the reveal date
  • If any issues arise and you need a replacement artist or an extension, please contact Provie as soon as possible
    • If you fail to complete your piece, you may be banned from future art exchanges
Event timeline
  • Sign Ups will be from January 17th to January 31st 
  • Assignments will be sent out on February 1st
  • Art is due to be submitted by February 28th
  • All art will be revealed and approved into the gallery on March 1st
How to sign up

To sign up, submit to the Winter Art Exchange 2022 prompt using the following form:

Puppillars Site Username:
Wishlist: (please list which puppillars and/or snailcats you'd like to recieve art of)
Notes: (please include any do's or dont's for your characters)
Would you like to sign up as backup artist?: (yes or no)
Method of Contact: (options are Discord, Deviantart Note, or Toyhouse PM)

Have fun everyone!



draculaelliot Avatar
draculaelliot Staff Member he/him

Puppillars Site Username: @andie
Wishlist: (anyone except mars!)
Notes: Go wild, they all gay
Would you like to sign up as backup artist?: Yes!
Method of Contact: Discord, please!

2022-01-18 07:30:28

Provie Avatar
Provie Staff Member she/her

hi angel! please submit the form to the prompt :)

2022-01-18 09:08:33

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