New Premium Currency and Ko-fi Membership!

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Premium currency and ko-fi memberships are here!

As mentioned in the previous news post, I have been working on some updates to how MYOs can be purchased, after hammering out the details I am happy to announce that the changes are now live!

New premium currency: Nuggies!

What could be more luxurious than delicious dog treats? Chicken Nuggies of course! Our new premium currency, Nuggies, can be purchased for USD and used in the new shop, The Nuggie Shack, to purchase things like MYOs! This will streamline the MYO process a bit for everyone. Nuggies can be purchased via our Purchase Nuggies Prompt (essentially the same as it works now) or through our shop on our new Ko-fi page!


Ko-fi Memberships now available!

Along with the ability to purchase Nuggies on our Ko-fi, I have also opened up Ko-fi memberships for anyone who wants to support puppillars and get some nice perks while doing so! Full details are listed on our Ko-fi Membership page, but here's a screencap of the ranks and perks!


As always, I appriciate any sort of support people provide for Puppillars, including even just being an active member!
To see a list of the ways to support Puppillars, check out our How to Support Us page!


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