[MYO Event] The World of Arcanis meets the World of Lingua!

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(art by Provie and mewhaku - co-owner of World of Lingua)

What's this? Looks like Pembroke has made a new friend, but what a bizzare looking Arcane Fauna! Are they Elemental, with the leaf motif?  Huh?? That's not an Arcane Fauna its a Paralogos? A paralo-what? Pembroke explains:

"This is my new pal Ginko! Stella and Rover were messing around with some magic energy, you know how they are, and they somehow opened up a portal to this place called Lingua! Being the charismatic chap I am, they volunteered me to go check the place out! Its really different from Arcanis, but the fellas over there are really neat! There are the cool dinos, Paralogos, as well as thier other dino friends the Triceridos, and there's also these amazingly smelling little guys who are called Whifflings!"

Looks like these two worlds are colliding, and residents of both are in for some fun!

Puppillars and world of lingua Crossover MYO event!!

Hi all!!! This month we are bringing you all a fun combined event with one of the species in our cozy little circle, The World of Lingua! For anyone not familliar, World of Lingua is fun multi-species ARPG set in a sci-fi/fantasy setting, featuring Paralogos (dinosaurs based on words), Triceridos (dinosaurs based on idioms), and Whifflings (anthro imps based off scents)!

Our groups have some crossover already, but we are excited to share this ARPG with anyone who might not be familliar, and we have a few awesome crossover activities for everyone!

All the crossover activities will end at the end of the day, site time, on November 30th!

Crossover MYO Event

For the first part of our cross species event, we are pleased to announce that First Time Owners of any of our species will be able to claim a free MYO slot of any and all species they don't already have a Character or MYO slot of. This includes any of our species, Puppillars, Snailcats, and Arcane Fauna! Qualfiying members may claim a Common Puppillar Slot, a Common Snailcat Slot, and/or Any type of Arcane Fauna MYO!
- To qualify to claim a MYO slot, you must not have a character of the species you are claiming for, or a MYO slot of the species you are claiming for, with one exception, if you already have a Snailcat/Snailcat MYO from the Free Snailcat MYO, you may still claim one Common Snailcat MYO!

To claim your MYO slots, simply submit a claim stating which you would like to claim, and adding the appropriate MYO slot(s) as a reward to yoiur claim.

World of Lingua will also be doing the same, with First Time Owner's able to claim a Paralogos, Triceridos, and Whiffling MYO! Make sure to check out thier news post for all the details!

MYO Submission Bonus

To go along with our MYO event, there will also be a bonus for any and all MYO slot submissions this month, all approved MYO submissions for any species will get a bonus of a brand new chance box, the Just Because Gift, which contains a randomized small gift! The bonus will be granted by staff automatically after MYO submissions are approved.

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Cross Species Currency Bonus

As another special bonus for all members, for the month of November, members of Puppillars can claim a bonus of treats for any art they do for World of Lingua! All art submitted to World of Lingua's gallery in the month of November will earn a bonus of 10 treats over here at Puppillars!

To claim your treats, simply submit a claim including the link(s) to the art you have submitted to the WoL Gallery!

Cross Species Adoptable Sets

Later this month, we will have a very fun, very special Guest Adoptable set by staff members from World of Lingua, and in turn World of Lingua will have a guest adoptable set by staff members from Puppillars!  More details coming soon!

Special Award

Any puppillars member who participates in this event will recieve a special Award, Ginko's Signature! Anyone who participates in any of the above activities will be eligible to claim the award!


Hope everyone enjoys this awesome crossover! A big thank you to the World of Lingua staff for collabing with us on this event! We love World of Lingua and are so happy to be working with you guys!!!

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:0 that's awesome!!!! I just recently joined the world of lingua after I saw many puppillar members where there and got interested on the dino inspired fantasy theme! This is an awesome way to start out over there!!! I hope this brings a lot of cool folks from there to here as well!!!

2023-11-01 17:56:24

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