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26 Aug 1998
Xe/Xer/Xem, Xe/Xem/Xyr, Xe/Xir/Xirs, Ve/Vem/Vir, He/Him, It/Its, & They/Them

[FNGaymer is short for Friendly Neighborhood Gaymer!]   

Rylee/Sebastian/Milo [Check my en.pronouns.page on my linktr.ee linked below for other names &/or nicknames you can use for me!] | Xumgender Polyamorous Aroaceflux Abrosexual | Check my linktr.ee for my pronouns, commissions, and other social media! | 25 | Virgo | INFJ | Taken by 2 💞

Howdy! I'm Rylee, but feel free to call me Lee, Sebastian, Seb, Bastian, or Milo as well! I'm your typical gaming and digital artist nerd with a huge love for coffee & animals.  
Welcome to my profile! I hope you have a lovely day!

Note(s): Please read all of my characters' toyhouses for their personalities, likes, and dislikes before drawing them! If they don't have a bio yet, it's likely that they aren't open for art as I'm working on either figuring that character out, editing them, or getting ready to gift/trade/sell them! Also, if you own a character I personally designed, please feel free to ask me to draw them! Whether it's a request, a gift, a trade, or a commission, I will gladly draw them again!

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