Happy 2nd Anniversary!

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Update 3/1: The Raffle has been rolled! The result can be viewed here, the winner is Shrike! Congrats!!!
We will be keeping all the suggestions made her in mind as we continue to grow!


Puppillars is now two years old!!!!

Another great year of Puppillars on the books! The past year has been a wild ride, but we're so proud of everything that we have accomplished in the past year! In general, 2020 was a tough year for a lot, and we're happy to help bring some fun and joy into our members lives! As the years go on, we hope to continue to provide more fun stuff for everyone to do!!


Milestones from this past year!

The biggest milestone from this year is launching our website! Even though the website is a recent development, it's gone through so many great upgrades and changes since we launched in May 2020, including Masterlist Improvements, Automating Shops, and our awesome gallery!

Another big milestone has been launching our first subspecies, Snailcats! These pals are the purrrrfect counterpart to our main species, Puppillars!

We have 39 members on our website! Many of our old members were successfully migrated, caches and all, and we have some fantastic new members as well! We're glad to have you all!

There are now 218 Puppillars on our Masterlist, as well as 15 Snailcats!

We now have 414 items on site! There was a big push this year to create some amazing items for everyone to collect, with more to come from our upcoming events and features!

Even with the big focus being on the website, we were able to have 2 big events this year, our Pride Event and our Garden event! Along with our current big event, Advancec Dungeon Doggos, we hope to bring you some more great events this year!


Looking back and looking forward Raffle

To celebrate Two Years of Puppillars, we are having a fun and simple raffle for everyone, with the prize being a Custom Puppillar with a rarity of Super Rare by Provie ! Members may earn up to two tickets by commenting below with the following for one ticket each:

  • Comment with one happy thing about the group!
  • Comment with one thing you'd like to see  from the group in the future!

Raffle tickets will be added by staff, your comment will be replied to when the raffle tickets have been awarded!

All participants will also recieve a special memento! 

Entries for the raffle will close February 28th 2021 at Midnight Site time!



AcuteExposure Avatar
AcuteExposure Xe/Xer

I'm new to the group, but I love its vibes so far! I was so happy to see that the first event was D&D themed when I first joined - I like its format, and I'm looking forward to participating :D
Additionally, I think that items with specific uses would be fun to have! Adventuring might be able to use that, with certain items you can use to regain health or use in certain environments? I like it when I can collect & use things!

2021-02-22 20:51:16

Provie Avatar
Provie Staff Member she/her

Glad you are enjoying the group so far! There are a few items that will be used for adventuring, but having some more is definitely a good idea!

Your tickets have been added to the raffle!

2021-02-23 09:20:20

Hawkins Avatar
Hawkins Staff Member

omg happy anniversary!!!! I, too, am very new to this whole thing but I've been keeping an eye on things since they were first made and it's so super cool to see how far these pupps have come!

I love how friendly and chill this whole community seems. the website is bright and fun and all the art is so cute and just dipping my toes into the discord everyone seems so nice. I can't wait to get to know everyone better and really dive into this!!!!! also super grateful for the free myo snailcat! a big part of what kinda turns me off from cs is the investment required so being able to get a little friend just for wanting to join is super awesome.

hmmm I'm very intrigued by the adventuring thing and also the mention of breedings in the future!!! otherwise I'm just excited to see more critters and take part in more events!! also not to be silly but I love when servers have a bunch of custom emojis on discord haha

2021-02-10 10:16:37

Provie Avatar
Provie Staff Member she/her

Glad you are enjoying the group so far! We hope to have adventuring up soon! I also would love to work on adding more emojis to the discord server, and perhaps do an emoji contest too!

Both your tickets have been added to the raffle!

2021-02-10 16:36:37

SmellyMouse Avatar
SmellyMouse She/Her

I am fresh meat here, but I’ve been eyeing the group for a while since my friend Ink is a big part of it!

What I love about the group is that it seems easy to get into and there is a real sense of community with the members. Everyone is so friendly and creative!

What I’d love to see is a breeding aspect. Even if it is hard to obtain, it would be fun to work hard for it and be rewarded with a pup or two. It also adds a lovely family dimension <3

2021-02-04 23:59:45

Provie Avatar
Provie Staff Member she/her

Welcome!! I am very proud that we have such a kind and welcoming group, glad you are enjoying it so far!!

Breeding is an aspect I have been working on a little! Just gotta narrow down what the babbys will look like!

Both of your tickets have been added to the raffle!

2021-02-05 09:33:23

draculaelliot Avatar
draculaelliot Staff Member he/him

Congrats pupps!!!

I love love love everything about this group, specially how dedicated everyone on staff is!!!! So many amazing things you guys do!!!

I would love to see adventuring coming live, or things like it that we can do in between events!

2021-02-04 13:56:32

Provie Avatar
Provie Staff Member she/her

You're definitely a big part of helping keep things going, so thank you right back at ya!

Im super excited for adventuring, I think we're on track for a launch soon!!!

Your tickets have been added to the raffle!

2021-02-04 17:40:36

Oboe Avatar
Oboe they/it/ze/she

Congrats pupps!! I'm a very fresh member, but I'm so grateful that I could join during such a great time for the group. :>

One happy thing I really like so far about this group is how helpful and friendly everyone is! Some other closed species made me not want to join due to the insular communities, but I instantly felt welcomed when I joined here and on the Discord. I'm looking forward to making friends -- with pupps, snailcats, and users alike!

Since I haven't seen what all this species (and subspecies!) has to offer yet, I'm not too sure of what I'm looking forward to hopefully seeing. I'd love to see more snailcats join the ranks, though, and I'd love to see more fun events!

2021-02-02 22:37:12

Provie Avatar
Provie Staff Member she/her

We're glad to have you!! Everyone in the discord is really nice, its great seeing people chat and help other there!!

More snailcats will definitely be on the way!

Both if your tickets have been added to the raffle!

2021-02-03 13:43:36

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