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Art Fight 2022 and July Puppypillar Raffle!

Posted 1 July 2022, 09:37:17 CDT by Provie
Conclusion 8/4: What a great art fight we had this year! It was super fun seeing everyone's art and it looks like everyone had a ton of fun! The raffle has been rolled, the results can be seen here, but the winners are Pooka Zevhara AcuteExposure and Mulch !! Congrats to the winners, you will be contacted shortly!


Happy art fight everyone!!


It's that time of year again, Art Fight is back once again and as we have in previous years, we are celebrating Art Fight over a Puppillars! For anyone who may not know, Art Fight is an annual gift art game where anyone is free to join over at the Art Fight Website! Since its a bust art month for a lot of people, we don't have any specific events going on in July, but we do increase our gift art bonus over at Chance's Gacha Generosity! For the duration of Art Fight, all Gift Art earns DOUBLE rolls on Chance's Chance, and all submissions of giftart made for Puppillar Members will be allowed, even art of non-puppillar characters! When submitting this art, you can use the Art Fight link or another platform, and please include the member's site name! This is a great time to rack up some treats and gacha tokens to get some nice stuff for yourself, all by giving gifts and doing your normal participation in Art Fight (so also remember to upload Puppillar related art to our gallery for treats)! If you are not participating in art fight, gift art not made for art fight also qualifies for the bonuses! 

To add on to the celebration this year, we are also rolling a Puppypillar Raffle into our Art Fight celebration! As well as the Chance Bonuses, each gift art completed during Art Fight will earn a ticket to our July 2022 Puppypillar Raffle!!

  • Each gift art completed earns one ticket, regardless of type/level of art, and all gift art qualifies, even if its not for art fight
  • All tickets must be claimed via Claims, and you can add multiple giftarts in each claim (so don't forget that you need to do both the prompt and the claim for full rewards!)
  • The prizes for the raffle will be Four Choices of either a Puppypillar Breeding or Puppypillar custom by Provie !

Art Fight's end date may be extended, so both the Bonuses and the Raffle will end after Art Fight has ended, even with any extensions!

Click here to see Chance's Prompt

Click here to see the Raffle

Click here to visit the Art Fight site

Happy Pride Month!!!

Posted 1 June 2022, 10:06:44 CDT by Provie

481-image.pngHappy Pride Month!!! 481-image.png

Happy June everyone! Once again we will be celebrating Pride over at Puppillars! To celebrate pride this year we are reprising last month's game and fun bonus!

Pride Month Game - We are once again hosting a pride themed game of Draw the Character Above over at our Discord Server! Claim someone and draw their character showing their pride, and the art will be eligible for both Chance's Gacha Generosity and the Pride Month Prompt!

Pride Month Prompt - Our Pride Month Prompt is open once again! Any fullbody pride art or 500 words pride writing is eligible to claim a bonus 10 treats or any pride item of your choice! For this prompt it can be gifts from the game, or art you do of your own characters!

New Pride Items - To celebrate, we have some new pride items! Polyromantic/sexual, MLM, Omni, and Bigender have been added to all our existing pride items!!



Click here to view our Pride 2022 Gallery

Click here to view the Pride Shop - Accessories

Click here to view the Pride Shop - Collectibles

Discord Emoji Contest!

Posted 27 April 2022, 16:52:57 CDT by Provie
update 5/23: Results!

Hi everyone! We had 6 amazing entries for our emoji contest, so I went on ahead and decided all the entries are winners!! All the entries can be viewed in the Emoji Contest 2022 Gallery, and they have all been added to our Discord Server! Prizes for the winners will be distribued shortly!

Update 5/23: The Emoji Contest has been extended until June 15th, 2022!


537-image.png538-image.png<a href=540-image.png<a href=
Time for our first discord emoji contest!

Everyone loves emojis! They are super fun as reactions around the internet, a great way to express yourself, and use for things like drawing prompts. So its about time we get some custom emojis for the Puppillars Discord Server

contest rules
  1. Only registered members of may participate, and by registering on our site you automatically agree to our Terms of Service
  2. Both members and staff members may participate in this contest
  3. All entries must meet the following requirements:
    1. All emojis must feature a puppillars character (puppillar or snailcat) or something from the puppillars world (such as specific companions or things from the lore/world)
      1. Participants may depict any of our NPCs, or one of thier puppillars characters or another member's character (with permission from the character's owners)
    2. All emojis must be easily resizeable to discord emoji size (which displays at 32 by 32 pixels) and display clearly at that size. 128 by 128 pixels is reccomended by discord!
    3. All emojis must be static, animated emojis will not be accepted at this time
    4. Emojis may be based off an existing emoji (as the emoji ghosts are for example) but must be 100% your own work
  4. Participants may submit a maximum of five entries, and entries must be submitted through the Discord Emoji Contest Gallery
    1. Entries must not be shared until the end of the contest, for uploads you can use something like or Imgur
  5. All entries must be submitted by June 15th 2022 at the end of the day, site time
  6. Winners will be determind twofold:  Member's Choice and Provie's Choice
    1. After entries closed, all entries will be posted for member voting, and the top entries will be chosen as winners and added to our Discord Server
    2. After the vote, Provie may also choose a few emojis that didn't win the popular vote but still would be nice for the server
    3. The amount of entries chosen for each Choice will be depending on the amount of total entries!
    4. Members may have multiple emojis win
  • All winning entries will be added to the Puppillars Discord server and can be used by any member in the server (and in other servers for those with Discord Nitro!)
  • All winning entries will recieve a 100 Treats and a Custom Item Token (which will be used in our upcoming custom items feature!)
  • Every entry will recive a 10 treats award for participation, awarded at the end of the entry period (when gallery entries are processed)

Click here to view the Gallery

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or post in our #ask-staff channel in our Discord Server

Custom Item System + Other Updates!

Posted 15 May 2022, 22:16:18 CDT by Provie

Mid-May Updates!

Hi everyone! We have some fun new updates for everyone, including a big new feature, and a few important updates!!

<a href=<a href=<a href=

Custom Items

Our Custom Item System is HERE!!!!! Check out this page for all the information, but our new Crafting Wizard friend is ready to aid in the creation of some fabulous new items! The custom item system allows for both private items, with one copy for the creator, and public items which will be sold by the wizard in their shop! If you have custom item tokens, now's the time to use 'em! (and remember our Emoji Contest has custom item tokens as a reward!!)

To celebrate our custom items system being released, we will be having a small raffle for some custom item tokens on our Discord Server!

Click here to view the Custom Items Page

Click here to view the Custom Item Shop

<a href=<a href=<a href=

Pride Shop Update

We have some good news and some bad news (ok well not THAT bad).... The bad news is that we now have TOO MANY pride items on site to be contained in one shop, but that's also good news because we have so many fun pride items! Winston's Shop is now two separate shops, one for Pride Accessories and one for Pride Collectibles! Keep an eye on both shops, we will be adding some new pride flag variations in time for pride next month!

Click here for the Pride Shop - Accessories

Click here for the Pride Shop - Collectibles

<a href=<a href=<a href=

Wishlists are here

This feature has been live for a little while now, but I forgot to announce it, whoops! We now have a Wishlist System on the site! Members can create various wishlists and add items to thier wishlist(s) by clicking the (+) icon on any item on the Item Database! Wishlists can be accessed under the "My Stuff" tab, and will be useful for keeping tabs on stuff you wanna collect!

Click here to View Wishlist Page

Click here to view the item database

<a href=<a href=<a href=

Other updates!!!

Update on Design Updates: In the past, we did not have a policy on updating Masterlist Art without any sort of design update, after some staff discussion we have decided to allow art updates without any design changes. Art updates will cost a flat fee of 50 treats! As of now there is no limit or cooldown, but we reserve the right to add a limit if needed.

More Alias Options: This feature is still a work in progress, but we have added Tumblr as verification options for accounts! We will be working to add Twitter and Imgur verification and get them up and running soon! This means that in order to create an account, you do not need a Deviantart Account, and can use a Tumblr account as verification instead! To edit your Aliases, you can go to the aliases page here!


We hope you enjoy these updates!!!

Guest Artist Applications Open!

Posted 23 April 2022, 16:24:49 CDT by Provie

Hey all!! Guest artist applications will be open until April 30th at the end of the day, site time!

For all information please check out our guest artist info here

Big Awards and Challenge/Quest Prize Update!

Posted 17 April 2022, 21:58:02 CDT by Provie

Hi everyone!!! Today we have a big update with a lot of new Awards, as well as revealing the new full prizes for our Challenges and Dungeon Quest: Beast!!


New awards

For starters, we have some new Awards to catch up on some recent events! 


Replica Orb (Mysterious Orb Hunt 2021) | Leftover Candy Wrapper (Trick or Treating 2021)


 Cozytide 2021 Bauble (12 Days of Cozytide 2021) | Gift Art Sketches (For Participating in any art exchange)

Next up, some new awesome tiered awards!


Digital Tablets (for completing 3, 5, and 10 Digital Art Pieces)


Traditional Art Sketchbooks (for completing 3, 5, and 10 Traditional Art Pieces)


Writing Notebooks (for completing 3, 5, and 10 Writing Pieces)


Event Passes (for participating in 1, 3, and 5 events)

We also have some new awards for completing our challenges


Precious Portrait (for completing Character Development challenge)


Preserved Springs Flowers | Preserved Summer Shells and Sand | Preserved Fall Leaves | Preserved Winter Snow
All for completing the respective seasonal art challenges


Plus the Four Seasons Scrapbook for completing all four seasonal art challenges!

And some general awards as well!


Gold Gacha Keychain (for opening a legendary gacha capsule)
Commmorative Stream Ticket (for attending art streams on our discord)
Token of Appriciation (for contributing to Provie's Ko-fi)


Five Star Postcards for Patchwork Meadow and Glowshroom Forest (for completing all 5 events in the respective area)

As always for all new awards, they are distributed via Claims! Simply state the award you are claiming and any proof you have earned it! 

Prizes for Challenges

All current challenges have had thier prizes fully updated, they are all listed on the challenges, but here's a breakdown

<a href=" Occasion Present" class="display-item">Special Occasion Present</a>

The Special Occasion Present (which opens to give one random MYO item and one Trait Changing Item) as well as 200 treats and 4 Gacha Tokens!

For the seasonal challenges, each has three new exclusive items:

<a href=" Goodie Bag" class="display-item">Spring Goodie Bag</a><a href=" Goodie Bag" class="display-item">Summer Goodie Bag</a><a href=" Goodie Bag" class="display-item">Fall Goodie Bag</a><a href=" Goodie Bag" class="display-item">Winter Goodie Bag</a>

Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter Goodie Bags (each open to have 5 seasonal items from appropriate season)

<a href=" of Spring" class="display-item">Crown of Spring</a><a href=" of Summer" class="display-item">Crown of Summer</a><a href=" of Fall" class="display-item">Crown of Fall</a><a href=" of Winter" class="display-item">Crown of Winter</a>

Crowns of Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter

<a href=" Of Spring" class="display-item">Herald Of Spring</a><a href=" of Summer" class="display-item">Herald of Summer</a><a href=" of Autumn" class="display-item">Herald of Autumn</a><a href=" of Winter" class="display-item">Herald of Winter</a>

Heralds of Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter

new dungeon Quest: Beast Prizes

All prizes have been added to the Dungeon Quest: Beast! They are all posted alongside the chapters but they are as follows:

Chapter 1


Pembroke Dice Set | Dungeon Doggos Handbook

Chapter 2


Borrowed Map | Mug of Root Beer

Chapter 3

<a href=<a href=

Leafy Cloak | Bandit Plushie

Chapter 4

<a href=" Hidden Key" class="display-item">Well Hidden Key</a><a href=" Hook with Rope" class="display-item">Grappling Hook with Rope</a>

Well Hidden Key | Grappling Hook with Rope

Chapter 5

<a href=<a href=

Rose-Tinted Glasses | Rune Rock

Chapter 6

534-image.png<a href=

Golden Dice Set | Beast Plushie 
Plus 150 treats!

And thats it for this update! Its been a long time coming, so thanks to all our members for your patience! I hope this new stuff will be a fun incentive to do some quests, adventures, and more!


Posted 30 March 2022, 16:14:12 CDT by Provie

Edit 4/2:

Looks like the flutterbats have left us some more exciting stuff!

The "adoptable" batch posted has morphed into puppillars and snailcats, and are now OTA!

The bats have also left behind two new colors of Flutterbat companion for people to take home! They can be purchased at the Companion Shop, or claimed at the Flutterbat Safari Zone on Discord!




H3LL0!!!!!!!!!!!! HOWZ EVERY1 doing 2day????


the most amazingeyiest flutter batz R here again to brighten ur day and make you go OWO and xD when you see our lovely new friendz!! The pupperpillar staffs said to flutter batz hey u guy roxxors can you help us make some adoptybles???? so we were like UMMMM okeh!!! :3 :3 :3 an we are also so exciety to make some moneys! i think we will buy a snacks? or maybe sum trading cards??? probly snax tho hahaha


any-wayz click herez 4 our loverly adottiebles!!! we posted a salez post and we hope u all enjoy!!!
we will also be having a biig party in the discord server!!! come join the flutter batz and try n catch us and take us home (we are very cute and love to snuggle and easy to take care of we eat lots of candy)~

A Very Merry 3rd Unbirthday!

Posted 11 March 2022, 22:05:07 CST by Provie
Update 4/1

The raffle has been rolled!! You can see the winners here, but congrats to Hawkins RexAraneo Shrike wanderandfriend and Inkcess !
Winners will be contacted in the order drawn to choose their prize! Thanks to everyone for entering!


Happy (Late) Third Anniversary Puppillars!!

Whew!!! Time really flies huh? You can blink and miss a milestone, and I certainly did this time around, my apologies! Puppillars is now THREE whole years old!! Life has been crazy, but after realizing I had missed it, I kicked in into high gear to make sure we could have an awesome celebration to make up for it!

In a lot of ways, 2021 has also been nuts, just like last year, but I'm so grateful for all the support Puppillars has gotten, and I hope that Puppillars has been able to provide some joy for everyone over the last year!


Milestones from the past year!

Our biggest milestones this year were launching some fun major features, such as Adventuring, Questing, and Challenges! These features help provide some always going on activities for our members looking for fun stuff to do between events!

During this year we have also launched our very adorable baby puppillars, Puppypillars!! There are already 14 lil puppypillars on our site, and more to come!

There are 64 members on our site now! Welcome to all our new members!! We appreciate our new and old members alike!

There are now 280 Puppillars and 35 Snailcats on our masterlist! We welcomed some amazing MYOs, Official Adopts, and Guest Artist adopts this year!

We have 556 items on our site, including a bunch of new pride items, and some exciting items from Adventuring and Questing!

We also have 32 Awards on the site as of posting, and more to come very soon!

Our site has had many awesome upgrades to our site, such as adding the Donation Shop and the Seasonal Shop, as well as stuff like Affiliates and adding captchas to registration (say goodbye to all the bot accounts!)

Even though things have been a little slow over this year, we still had 4 big events, our Dungeon Doggos Event, The Mysterious Orbs Event, Trick or Treating, and our 12 Days of Cozytide Advent!


Happy unbirthday Award, free gift, and raffle!!

It wouldn't be an unbirthday without some gifts and celebration!

Any member who comments on this News Post will receive a Special Occasion Gift and the Third Birthday Petit Fours Award!

<a href=32-image.png

But wait, there's more!! We are also having a Raffle to go along with our Unbirthday! The prizes are:

  •  Super Rare Puppillar or Snailcat Custom by Provie
  • Rare Puppillar or Snailcat Custom by Provie
  • Common Puppillar or Snailcat Custom by Provie
  • Puppypillar Breeding or Custom by Provie x2

Members may earn up to 6 Tickets by doing the following:

  • Commenting on this news post to claim the  Gift and Award
  • Comment with one happy thing about the group!
  • Comment with something you'd like to see from our site in the future!
  • Advertise the site/event on social media and include a link to your advertisement in the comments (up to three times for three tickets!)

Raffle tickets, gifts, and awards will be distributed by staff, your comment will be replied to once your stuff has been granted!

The raffle will close at the end of the day (site time) on March 31st!


And more to come!!

There will be some OTA adopts posted in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out! And please stay tuned for updates about new awards and new features!

Winter Art Exchange!

Posted 17 January 2022, 20:16:53 CST by Provie


Things have calmed down a bit after all the holiday hubbub, but giving gifts is fun any time of year! Let's have some fun and draw some art for each other to start out the new year!

EVent Rules
  • Only registered members of may participate, and all registered members automatically agree to our Terms of Service
  • Participation is open to all members, including members of staff
  • For this exchange, the minimum art requirement is one colored fullbody, going above and beyond is welcome, but not required!
  • Finished art can be uploaded to the Winter Art Exchange 2022 Gallery, but will not be approved until the reveal date
  • If any issues arise and you need a replacement artist or an extension, please contact Provie as soon as possible
    • If you fail to complete your piece, you may be banned from future art exchanges
Event timeline
  • Sign Ups will be from January 17th to January 31st 
  • Assignments will be sent out on February 1st
  • Art is due to be submitted by February 28th
  • All art will be revealed and approved into the gallery on March 1st
How to sign up

To sign up, submit to the Winter Art Exchange 2022 prompt using the following form:

Puppillars Site Username:
Wishlist: (please list which puppillars and/or snailcats you'd like to recieve art of)
Notes: (please include any do's or dont's for your characters)
Would you like to sign up as backup artist?: (yes or no)
Method of Contact: (options are Discord, Deviantart Note, or Toyhouse PM)

Have fun everyone!

New Year's Giveaway!

Posted 31 December 2021, 10:09:53 CST by Provie

Hey everyone! We are having a big giveaway ove at our Disccord Server! We are giving away some Super Rare MYOs, and a number of pre-made puppillar adopts from recent guest sets and the fall advent! Each member gets one free ticket, which can be claimed until January 5th, 2022!

Click here to head on over to our Dicscord server to get your ticket!